A B O U T   M E

There’s a larger dimension to health than simply feeling good.

Lots of people answer this: “a healthy body is feeling good”, however there’s a lot more to being healthy than your feelings.

What’s HEALTH?

The Planet Health Organization defines health as: a condition of optimal physical, mental and social wellness and never just the lack of disease or infirmity. Webster’s defines health as: a condition of wholeness by which all organs are functioning 100%, 100% of times. Therefore, health isn’t just your feelings, it’s the way you are functioning.

Signs and symptoms really are a poor indicator of health insurance and usually appear late within the disease process. For instance, a large number of Americans die of cardiac arrest every year and also the cardiac arrest may be the first manifestation of disease. You cannot hold back until signs and symptoms appear prior to deciding to act. Can you rather select a lifestyle of wellness by which the body always functions in an optimal level or unknowingly allow various illnesses to advance to an amount of crisis before you decide to seek action?


Health originates from within. The body has got the inborn capability to heal itself naturally without drugs or surgery. You had been born to become healthy. For example, should you reduce your arm, your body can heal the cut without band aids or Ciprofloxacin antibiotics. In case your body is able to heal itself, why does not it? The solution: we sometimes don’t give the body lots of time to heal by itself or even the actual reason for the issue is still present and disturbing the recovery process. Most sufferers look for a pill or perhaps a concoction to alleviate their discomfort rather of locating the reason for the issue and removing it. By taking out the actual cause it enables the body an chance to heal naturally.

Remember, healthy individuals don’t become ill, only unhealthy people become ill.


Your central nervous system controls the part of each and every cell, tissue, organ and system within your body and coordinates them together to ensure that the body works in perfect harmony. Therefore, our central nervous system plays an important role in healing the body. To ensure that you to definitely have true health, your central nervous system must have the ability to function without interference. Your nervous system is really essential that nature built armor around it: your skull, and spine. However, despite this “inborn protection” our central nervous system may feel interference, injuries or disturbance. We refer to this as interference to the central nervous system: Subluxation.